Finally, the Truth for Small Business Owners:


“Do You Feel Overwhelmed by all the Paperwork, Taxes, Advertising, Employees and Government Regulations?”


With all the things that you are responsible for…
you should be!



From the desk of Ed King, MBA, CPA


Dear Business Owner:


Maybe you got into business…


·      Because you lost your job.

·      Because you wanted to make more money.

·      Because you wanted to spend more time with your family.

·      Because you wanted to save on income taxes.

·      Because you really enjoyed producing a product or service.


Now you find yourself in a business that overwhelms you.


Well, this is normal.


Think about it… you are responsible for:


Organization: Legal structure. Partnership agreements. Corporate matters. Purchasing.


Finance: Borrowing money. Negotiating bank charges. Credit rating. Cash-flow projections. Money Management. Proper accounting system. Financial statements. Ratio analysis budget.


Marketing: Internet. Advertisements. Market research. Pricing. Bids. Selling costs. Customer criticism. Salesmanship.


Employees: Hiring. Firing. Compensating. Motivating. Training. Independent contractors.


Protection: Insurance. Rights of suppliers, customers and employees. Trademarks. Patents.


Collection: Credit-worthiness of customers. Tracking down debtors. Collection efforts.


Office Management: Office space. Lighting, heating, air conditioning. Leasing of equipment.


Tax regulation: Records you must keep. Business deductions. Tax Payments.


Some of these activities you are good at. Some of these activities you stink at. But you are responsible for all of them.


No wonder you’ve got problems.


Failure Can be Just Around the Corner.


Independent people, like you, start more than 3,000,000 businesses every year in the United States. They are eager to make their own decisions, express their own ideas, and be their own bosses.


The harsh realities of business are:


·      More than 1/2 of business failures occur in the first five years of operation;

·      Survival is especially tough now with unstable interest costs, rising operational costs, uncertain supply sources, and inconsistent markets;

·      The new owner could lose everything… family car, life savings, and even the home; and

·      Those businesses that do survive rarely make all the profits that they should.



The high failure rate should not be much of a surprise to anyone. Most people who start a small business have at least some technical knowledge, but very few have solid business skills. In other words…


You must be a businessperson.


Sometimes even running a successful business is no bed of roses. Being a boss has problems. The head of a business may work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and feel responsible to family members, suppliers, customers, and employees.

Gone are the days of a regular paycheck, a 40-hour work week, paid vacations, retirement security, and fully covered health and life insurance benefits.


You must be a businessperson.



Sometimes, business owners lie to themselves…


If I just had a few more sales, everything would be OK.



The Big Money is Not Getting More Sales,
but Rather Making More Money with the Sales You‘ve Got!


Let’s hear from the marketing guru’s guru when it comes to selling…

“People come to me mostly to improve their advertising and marketing, but more often than not, their greatest opportunities are not in those areas; their greatest opportunities are internal rather than external.  Unfortunately, even after having this pointed out to them… they still prefer getting just a better ad.”


--02/06, Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing Letter




In summary:


You must be a businessperson.



And if that is not bad enough…


Where Do You Turn for Business Advice?


Friends and Family. Yes, they love you and can provide emotional support, but what do they know about starting or running a small business?


Attorneys and Accountants. Yes, they know all about their own special areas of knowledge, but if you get outside of that… they are lost. You can ask either one of these professionals how to write an ad, how to hire a person, or should you buy a specific piece of equipment. They are lost.


Sellers of Business Opportunities and Franchises. Are you kidding? There is an unbiased, objective opinion. They’d sell anything to anyone!


SBA and SCORE. 99% of the employees of these organizations have never been a consultant. Many of the people working at the SBA are under 25 and have never been in business, but they will happily point you to where they store the pamphlets. The retired executives at SCORE may be able to help you with some of your problems if you are lucky enough to find someone with 50 years of experience in your type of business. But what happens if you want to open a women’s clothing shop and the guy across the desk from you has spent his life manufacturing pipe fittings?


Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber could have been a great source of small business resources but it seems that many are more interested in collecting dues and playing golf with their largest members.


College and Universities. Their primary function is to turn out corporate employees. Oh yes, they may have a couple of entrepreneur classes… but many times they are taught by professors with no small business experience. And, who has got time to go back to college for 4 years?


Gurus. The problem with them is that they are very expensive… some charge $5,000+ an hour. Hire them for a couple of hours of consulting… now you’ve really got some cash flow problems. And not all Gurus are the same. There are several who will say, “Just declare yourself a guru… even if you have no experience.”  ‘Cause that’s what they did. Another thing about the gurus… make sure you do your “due diligence.” Do these individuals have a formal education? Have they done consulting work for Fortune 500 companies? Do they have any professional accreditations? Or are they just…


A smile and a shoeshine?


If you have ever contacted one of the above resources, you know that I’m correct.


So, where do you go?


Other than just a very few individuals, I really don’t know!



Background of Ed King, MBA, CPA


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
I have owned many different businesses… carnival rides and games as a teenager, art gallery, accounting firm, and a publishing business. I received an MBA from the University of Michigan (with honors). After that, I worked for one of the largest accounting, tax, and consulting firms in the world… PricewaterhouseCoopers. I have worked with many large organizations including: Unisys, Detroit Edison, Kmart, Kellogg, Total Petroleum, Champion Homes, La-Z-Boy Chairs, Diamond Crystal Salt Co., University of Michigan, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.


After 8 years, I left there and went to work at Wayne State University in Detroit. I wanted to provide the resources to small businesses that are available to large companies… and at a reasonable cost. I have been Director of Small Business Services for 30 years. I have worked with thousands of small businesses during that time… many of whom went on to become millionaires and one billionaire.


I have written “the” small business textbook that has been used by some of the finest colleges and universities. They include: Arizona State, California State, U. of Charleston, U. of Colorado, U. of Denver, U. of Florida, U. of Georgia, George Washington (D.C.), U. of Houston, U. of Indianapolis, James Madison (VA), U. of Massachusetts, U. of Nevada, Northern Illinois, North Carolina State, Pennsylvania State, San Diego State, U. of Seattle, U. of Tampa, Texas A&M, U. of Texas, U. of Washington, Wayne State (MI), and U. of Windsor (Canada)


Am I on the New York Times best seller list? No.


Am I on cable-television at 3 a.m. showing you how to make a million dollars overnight in real estate, the internet, direct mail, jewelry, etc., etc.? No.


Why? Because I firmly believe that a book means nothing without the aid of a well trained consultant. You must have your questions answered. No book or television show, without the opportunity to ask questions, will ever be successful.


Think about it…


If you could get rich by reading a book, all librarians would be millionaires.



Right now, I am the “go-to” guy for the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Crain’s Detroit Business, Comerica Magazine, and even Carol Cain dedicated an entire television show to me on Michigan Matters. Crain’s Detroit Business likes me so much that they follow me around with a video camera. (See I’ve  been quoted in hundreds of articles and in the best selling book The Obvious Expert. 


Why am I telling you this? Because I’m an ego-maniac? No.


It’s because these are the types of credentials you need in a consultant who is any good. In other words…


I know what the heck I’m talking about!


Advice is only as good as the person giving it!


So, where are you now?

·      Are you struggling to make sense out of all of the overwhelming teleseminars, info products, and courses on the internet?

·      Are you stumped about what to do in order to start making money regularly in your business?

·      Are you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of whose strategy to follow and not sure of what really works?

Take a HUGE step toward your future success and get out of the confusion immediately when you enroll in our Small Business Classes.


Enroll in our Practical, Specific, Proven Small Business Education and Start Getting the Results You Deserve in Your Business.


Our method provides a system like a franchise but without the enormous investment and 5%+ royalty fee.


Why do think franchises are 6 times more successful than independent businesses? I’ll give you a hint… it ain’t the fries.


The reason that McDonald’s is the most successful business in the world is not the food… but rather the system that Ray Kroc put together 50 years ago.


I have developed a 6-module class, based upon 30 years of consulting and research at Wayne State University that will look in detail at every aspect of your business.


 As my mother used to say…


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Well, the same applies to your business. If just one of the following is screwed up, it can bring down your entire operation or, at a minimum, cost you thousands of dollars in lost profits.



Module 1: How to give your business a "fiscal exam.”

·      Reviewing why businesses fail.

·      How to manage your finances.

·      Finding out where all the cash goes.


Module 2: How to increase your sales.

·      Determining your customer base.

·      Calculating the right amount of advertising.

·      Determining the best media for your business.

·      How to use the Internet to explode your sales.


Module 3: How to control your inventory.

·      Determining the right amount of inventory.

·      Calculating how much and when you should buy.

·      How to find and deal with suppliers.

·      Record-keeping.


Module 4: How to find, train and motivate the “perfect” employee.

·      Determining your staffing needs.

·      The type of employee best for you.

·      Selecting the right employee.

·      Determining the pay rate and benefits.

·      Testing employees before you put them on the payroll.

·      Independent contractors’ game.

·      Policies, training, and supervision.

·      Record-keeping.


Module 5: How to control business overhead.

·      How to reduce the costs of overhead.


Module 6: How to reduce taxes and still "sleep at night."

·      Tax savings ideas.

·      How to reduce the chances of an audit.

·      How to survive an audit.



What specifically will you learn?


·      Common record-keeping mistakes and how to avoid them. (page 1-12)

·      2 ratios that will predict your business’s ability to survive the first 6 months and the next 5 years. (page 1-24)

·      The easy method to identify problems in your business before they “hit the critical mass.” (page 1-31)

·      4 simple steps to the perfect ad. (page 2-19)

·      The small ad which cost $1,000 to run and generated $36,000 in sales. (page 2-25)

·      Exactly how to reply when a customer says, “I’ll think it over and let you know.” (page 2-40)

·      5 steps to handle a complaint (page 2-42)

·      The scientific way to price your product or service to the penny. (page 2-44)

·      How to compete with big business, big government and the welfare rolls in attracting good employees. (page 4-8)

·      11 activities that you should never delegate. (page 4-4)

·      How to cut your unemployment taxes up to $2000 a year. (page 4-33)

·      How the “psychological mirror” can undermine your business. (page 4-16)

·      6 steps in dealing with problem employees. (page 4-45)

·      How to reduce your social security taxes. (page 6-27)

·      Step-by-step credit and collection program that shows you how to get customers to pay and what to do if they don’t. (page 5-8)

·      20 items that a loan package must contain. (page 5-46)

·      How 9 pennies can save you 19% in postage. (page 5-56)

·      How to buy all the legal advice you need for $500 a year. (page 5-61)

·      7 methods to reduce employee theft. (page 5-71)

·      3 secret words that you put in any ad that will increase your sales by 33%. (page 2-21).

·      8 ways to slash the cost of your advertising without affecting your sales. (page 2-17)

·      5 signs that your salesperson isn’t worth a damn. (page 2-54)

·      Why you should never use a collection agency for past due accounts. (page 5-15)

·      The way to take $10,000 or more out of your business without owing a penny in taxes. (page 6-14)

·      There are 49 types of tax-free income. Know them or you will pay unnecessary taxes. (page 6-47)

·      and much, much more!



The answer to any one of these items will pay for the entire class.



You will be mailed one chapter and one CD per month for six months.



·      The book is over 350 pages crammed full of the details… telephone numbers, emails, forms, flowcharts, checklists, problems, tools, etc. that you need to run your business.

·      Each CD is over an hour in length and is a recording of a live class. You can listen to the information in your car when you are driving, on your computer when you are multi-tasking, or just working around the house.

I know that seems like a ton of stuff, but you really need all of it if you're going to be successful.  What would you leave out?  Sales?  Taxes?  It's not possible!  Every single module is a "must" for your business success!

Although the course is extremely comprehensive, it is anything BUT overwhelming!

You will also be emailed a monthly Action Guide that will outline the steps that you are to accomplish that month.  This is so you can keep your “eye on the ball,” but not be overwhelmed by all of the content. When you use the monthly "Action Steps”, you'll implement a system for your business, step-by-step, that will have your business...

·       Completely set up and running properly.

·       Leveraging your time through employees, independent contractors, and outsourcing. Most business owners spend way too much time in their businesses, and not enough time planning and working on those activities that are the most profitable to their business. I will use the 80/20 rule to show you how to double your profit within 90 days… guaranteed. What is THAT worth to you?

·       Cutting the excess costs in business overhead. As stated previously, this is the way Dan Kennedy feels is the best way to increase your profits.

·       Slashing your income taxes to the bone.

I am not going to sugar coat this… Running a business requires work. There will be times when you will need to fax, email or call me so I can review your progress and answer your specific questions.


You can see why I limit myself to only 100 students at a time. If it were any  more, it would be impossible for me to give the level of service that will insure your success.


All testimonials are on file and real!



That’s All Great…. But How Much Will It Cost Me?

How much would it be worth to you to add $ 3,000 per month or MORE to your bank account?

Would it be worth $10,000 $5,000 $1,000 $500?

What if I told you that you could get all this and MORE for only a measly $97 per month for a year?

Yep, you read that right!  Tuition for our Running a Profitable Small Business program is ONLY $97 per month for a year! 

If you’d like to save some money, you can pay a one-time fee of only $997. This amount is tax deductible so, assuming you are in the 45% tax bracket (and most of you are… if you add up the federal income tax, the state income tax, city income tax and self-employment tax), your investment is only $549 or $54 per monthly payment.

Where else will you find a program that doesn't just teach you the basics of building a business, but really helps you to put all of the pieces into ACTION ... and... pays for itself?

What I mean is this... if you use the lessons in the first few months properly, you'll easily be able to earn well over the $97 that you invest each month.

But it gets better still ...

365 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Does it come with a money-back guarantee? Of course it does. I personally wouldn’t order ANYTHING if it didn’t come with a guarantee.

So here's the deal ...

All of the students who have gone through our Running a Profitable Small Business program use this same exact system to build their businesses.  We know from their results that the system you're about to learn WORKS -- and it works well!

We also know that if you simply take action on what we're about to teach you, you WILL increase your sales!  You WILL reduce your expenses.  And you WILL slash your taxes!

In fact, we're so very confident about your success that we're willing to put our mouths where your money is with this 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee...

If you take action on everything you learn in our Running a Profitable Small Business program and you do not make $5000 or more during the next 365 days, we'll refund every penny of tuition to you.

Does it get any easier than that?  

Does it get any better than that?

Well, let's see if I can try to top it one more time ...

Yep, it gets better still ...

You can go through  the entire program again and again and again and again --- and never pay another cent!

Why would you want to come back through the course a second or third time?

Well, since the program is all about helping you take the right ACTION, you'll want to use it again and again to build a second business for yourself, or another product line for your existing business, or any other number of reasons you may have for going through the entire course multiple times.

Besides, as things change in business, the modules are continually updated.  Remember the Google Slap from a few years ago?  Well you would have known EXACTLY how to get around it if you had completed this course, because we would have told you what to do -- even if you had already completed the program!

In other words, once you become a part of our Running a Profitable Small Business program, you will never again be alone in your business. 

And from here onward, we'll have your back -- helping you to grow your business in any way that we can!

Right now, you're sitting there not getting the results that you want in your business. If you were already seeing the success you wanted and deserved, you certainly wouldn't have read this far down on our website.

Just think, after you use the first few lessons to get the foundation of your business ready, you'll be able to make $500 or more in the very next month.  (And that's if you do just the bare minimum assignments.)

When you know how to make $500, you already know how to make $5,000 or even $50,000 -- all you have to do is the exact same thing 10 times or 100 times!  It's really that simple!

When you enroll in our Running a Profitable Small Business program you have absolutely nothing to lose!  Either you're going to make $500 a month and be on the road to making $5,000... or you'll get your money back!  (Even if that happened, you'd still have a concrete system up and running to show for the time you have invested!)

You get to keep the materials for 365 days, and if our system doesn’t at least triple your profits, we will give you your money back… no questions asked.

The next step is yours!

When you compare our 30-year tested, step-by-step system with the cost of a franchise, the price of a consultant, or college tuition… each one of these could cost tens of thousands of dollars, it is very inexpensive.

And we guarantee your success. Name a franchise, consultant or college that will do that!


Bonus #1: The best system in the world will not work unless you have the ability to ask questions… so included is access to our membership site ( for three years. The normal cost of the site is $97 per month… and it is worth every penny. (Value: $3,492). You will receive:

·       Each month, there will be a 90-minute content and Q & A call that will help answer all of your questions!  Each month, you'll get to send your written questions to us prior to our Wednesday evening Q & A call that takes place at 8 PM EST.  The call will help keep you moving forward in building your business. You will be able to ask questions during the call. You will not only learn from your questions, but other business owner’s questions. If you miss a call, it will be recorded and archived on the membership site so you can listen to it at your convenience.

·       Access to our Forum where you'll be able to ask your questions between calls.  In the Forum, you'll have a chance to network with other students and learn from their experiences. 

·       At least one special in-depth report per month on a specific topic that the readers suggest.

·       My private telephone number so you can call me, an honest-to-goodness business expert, once a month for 15 minutes. If you don’t use the 15 minutes it will be carried forward. My charge for consulting is $300 an hour… so this, alone, is worth $75 a month.

You’ll get access to every perk of our online membership program. This is the only website where you have discussion boards, forms, tools, free research, education and much more!

Bonus #2: I will create a corporation or an LLC for you. I feel very strongly that everyone’s personal assets should be protected by one of these legal forms. This is transferable. So, if you already have an LLC or corporation, or want to stay a sole-proprietor, you can either give this away or sell it and pay for the class. An attorney would charge you from $500 to $1,500 for this service. You will receive a certificate for this service after you pay the $997 or when you make the first 3 payments of $97.

Bonus #3: I will do a 6-year financial forecast for your business. This will include a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and ratio analysis. This would be invaluable as a planning tool for your business and an excellent  document to give lenders or investors if you need financial support. An accountant would charge you between $1,500 and $2,000 for this service. You will receive a certificate for this service after you pay the $997 or when you make the first 6 payments of $97.

These three bonuses alone are worth more than $6,500!

Results for Your Business.

As you'll soon learn when you get started in our system, everything I do is about RESULTS. For example…

In the Internet business, the number one way to drive free traffic to your website is through search engine optimization. Get a good ranking in Google and you’ve got it made.

Stop right now… fire up Google and enter the words “small business class.” Out of 167,000,000 entries, I am #1.  The following was posted on 8/16/09:

What would knowing just this one strategy do for your business?

In the end, it's only the RESULTS that really matter, right? I'll bet you’re wondering one more question...

How much money will you be able to
put in your bank account with these kinds of results?

We have helped create hundreds of millionaires and even one billionaire. But everyone is different. Here are some of our recent graduates that started from scratch:

·      Barbara Hendrickson, Owner of Design Incentives (premium and promotional products), $8 million sales/year with 15 employees, 2 offices.

·      Frank LaMarra, Partner in Music Products Group (designs very high-end music amplifiers), royalties of $300,000/year.

·      Barbara Mandell, Owner of Mandell Displays and Designs (creates large and small displays for a variety of customers including shopping centers, parades, charity events and theme parties), sales of $500,000+/year and up to 10 employees.

·      Steve Bartley, Owner of Advertising That Works (sells mailing labels primarily to mortgage brokers), recent sales of $500,000+/year with one part-time employee.

·      Barbara Banco, Owner of Banco Mortgage Centre (mortgage broker), writes between 100 and 150 mortgages per year with no employees.

·      Janet Brown Smith, Owner of Chase-It Pet Toys (manufacturer of pet toys for dogs), Highlight: She sold $13,400 of pet toys in 8 minutes on QVC on 9/2/05.

·      Gary Field CPA, Owner of Numerico (public accounting and consulting firm), 5 employees with revenues of $800,000+/year.


Do I change people’s business lives? Everyday. Let me have the opportunity to work with you.


I look forward to helping you make your business the success that you want it to be.


Pick up the phone right now and call (586) 771-3618, or click HERE to go to our secure shopping cart, and register for this tax deductible class and get your business making the money you deserve.

Thanks for your interest,


Ed King

P.S.  Remember, I can work with only 100 people, so contact us now… see if space is available.


P.P.S. You are completely covered by our guarantee. Pick up the phone and call (586) 771-3618, or click HERE to go to our secure shopping cart, to enroll in this tax deductible class. You can cancel at any time.




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